When you configure network connection on your home Wi-Fi router, you need to enter password finally once. After that, password can be reentered only in situation when router or device client (personal computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet) have some crashes or failures.

If router configuration was completed, but you forget pass from web-interface, you have chance to recover it by using administration elements of Windows 7 and Windows XP.

For Windows 7:

Firstly, you need get into Control panel. Then you need to click “Control Center Network and Sharing” by left mouse button. In new top left window you should click once to “Manage wireless…” by left mouse button and immediately you should see a list of all available to connect networks which password are stored at the computer. You need to find among them your network and click on it once once by right mouse button. Select Properties In context menu and then in new window switch to Security tab. Here you need to set check-box “Show input…”. The password will be showed in the field above.

Okay, let’s consider how to find out wireless network password, if you have only computer with Windows XP and you don’t want to configure router.

Click “Start” button and then and find section which called “Control Panel”. Click on it once by left mouse button to display special window where we need to click on “Network connections”. It contains shortcuts of all the network adapters for which operating system driver is installed. In particular, we are interested in a Wireless network connection shortcut. Find it and click on the icon twice by left mouse button. You should see “Status window…”. Click the “Wireless networks” which located in the lower part of window. Now you could see a new window where in the middle will display a list of currently available wireless networks. We are interested in link located upper left corner – “Set up the wireless network”. After clicking once by left mouse button on that link, Wizard wireless network (this will be written in the title) should load. You don’t need to change anything required in first window – just click “Next”. Next you need to select the radio button for “Add new computers…” (click on it by left mouse button). Then click “Next”. In new window of the wizard select by left mouse button the radio button “Set the network manually”. Now we can see final window. We are interested only in the button “Print network settings”. After clicking, you should receive a console text window (white words on black background) where you can see password in end of the row with text: “Network Key is…”.


Also you can get or change your wireless network password at setting web-page of your router.


There are a lot of addresses for routers from different manufacturers:

  • D-Link:
  • TP-Link:
  • ZyXEL:
  • ASUS:
  • TrendNet:
  • Huawei:
  • ZTE:
  • Netgear:
  • Tenda:
  • Sercomm:
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